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The Series

The Eighth City is a series of 12 episodic stories published approximately every month and a half. These stories are each an “episode” about Sebastian’s journey and the fate of the Eighth City. Each “episode” takes between 40 and 80 minutes to read and is designed to be accessible to anyone wanting to just pick it up and enjoy a great story. However, for those interested in going deeper there is a deeply significant world within which the events of the Eighth City series takes place. This intricate environment is aided by illustrations (accompanied by short captions) that actually serve to tell part of the story and foreshadow events.

The most important part of the episodic publication of The Eighth City is the integration of community. As the story progresses fans are given the opportunity to speculate about the series and offer feedback. More than that, fans are encouraged to write, draw, paint, perform, compose, film, and anything else to add to the expansive world of the Enlightened Continent. We will choose art, stories, music, and videos that stick out to us and sponsoring them here on the blog and even in future publications!

We hope you enjoy following and participating in the story of Sebastian’s fall!

Find it at Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords, and many more!

A Torch in the Darkness:

This is the first part of the series and introduces readers to Sebastian and the Eighth City. If you like intrigue and action in addition to some fairly heavy themes this is a great episode! If those things aren’t your deal, it’s a pretty short read to kick you off into the rest of the series that includes a whole lot more! We encourage everyone to pick this episode up because it’s FREE. See if you like it without having to shell out any money before you jump into the rest of the series!

A Torch in the Darkness can be found at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other eBook retailers. You can also read it on this blog here!

A Cradle for the Fallen

The second part of the series, A Cradle for the Fallen has been most described as fun. We think that’s a pretty accurate description. It contains some great action and the introduction to some really colorful characters. A foreboding prophecy is uttered (is it actually a prophecy?), the mystery of the dreams deepens, and here Sebastian’s journey REALLY begins.

Don’t be intimidated by the $.99 price tag. We’re constantly running promotions or offering free books to our fans! Just check out the homepage for the blog.

A Cradle for the Fallen can be found at Smashwords and Amazon currently but will be distributed to other major retailers soon!

Check the homepage for information on when the third episode will be released!

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