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Our Team “The Engineers”

We’re four people (though many others have been helping us!) with the mission of producing this series in a unique way. We want to provide readers with little time the chance to enjoy a “good read” while on the run. We’re making this series as accessible, easy to start (and continue) reading, and fun as possible!

Feel free to contact us at, by commenting on any post, tweeting at us or visiting our Facebook page!

AUTHOR: R.C. Champagne

R.C. Champagne is a runner, a writer, and a lover of music with a knack for singing out of tune. He is about as average as you can get in every way, except his short height, but we don’t talk about that. His favorite hobby is growing beards of all shapes, sizes, and personalities.


EDITOR: Lauren

Lauren Erin O’Brien is a creative writer and focuses mainly on flash fiction. She’s interested in dreams and studies of the subconscious. It only makes sense, then, that she’d sign on to The Eighth City as Editor. When she’s not writing, she’s living in fear that her parents will ship her to space while she’s sleeping, or simply playing with her cat/neopets. Lauren hopes to obtain an MFA in Fiction at some point in the near future but decided that cubicle life is appealing enough at the moment. She’s excited to be working on The Eighth City with such a great team, although the illustrations consistently remind her that she’s the worst visual artist in the world. You’ll hear a lot from her because she doesn’t shut up.



Trish Vosburg is a current student at the University of Massachusetts studying wildlife conservation, biology, and coastal and marine sciences. She enjoys illustration in her free time as a means of escape from endless lab reports and case studies. Her mediums of choice are markers and ink above all else. She works at the Student Union Craft Center during school as the silk painting area manager, and is employed as a lifeguard during the summers. Outside of science and art she loves tea and coffee, animals, comic books, the great outdoors, and water sports. Her favorite food is avocados. She also insists that she makes the best guacamole known to mankind.


MARKETER: Victoria

Victoria may or may not be a figment of R.C. Champagne’s imagination. While the evidence of her existence remains inconclusive, R.C. likes to think she’s somewhere warm, like Florida. And that maybe she enjoys learning languages, traveling, and the occasional rum & coke. And, perhaps, he imagines that she may even have a B.S. in Advertising from the University of Florida and currently works full-time as an Internet marketer. But we can’t know for sure.


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