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New Release! The Eighth City: A Cradle for the Fallen

June 21, 2013

The second installment to the Eighth City series is live! It’s on (links below) in just about any and every format and on Amazon for the Kindle (It’ll be distributed to all other major retailers soon). Image

We’re so excited for this new installment that introduces you to one of my favorite characters: Pan. It also has a TON more action than the last one and some interesting intrigue as well as brief introductions to a whole new cast of characters. We hope you enjoy it!

We’re also excited to announce that we’re giving away free coupons to some of the people who helped us out with the first installment: A Torch in the Darkness, people who have been active on this blog, and everyone who helped on this newest installment!

Some of our recipients of the coupons are:

  • Dad, It’s OK!
  • Matt
  • Katie
  • Liz
  • Eddie
  • Robin
  • Vince
  • Jennifer (Jenny)
  • Ryan
  • Jasmine
  • Karl
  • And many more!

(If you’re listed above please contact us at to receive the coupon!)

You can download the new installment here: Smashwords, Amazon

We’ll keep you updated as it reaches other major retailers!

  1. jmheizer permalink

    OMG!! Thanks :o)

  2. Craft permalink

    Just downloaded A Torch in the Darkness so I have something to read on the road trip I have coming up! Super excited! Thanks Robbie!

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