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Today is the day folks! Stay tuned for

June 20, 2013

Today is the day folks! Stay tuned for the second installment of the Eighth City series: A Cradle for the Fallen!


Pan, an urchin of the Below with a strange history, encounters a strange boy understand stranger circumstances. He recalls his own unusual arrival in the Below, which suggests an unsettling pattern for the future of the Eighth City.

An action packed second installment in the Eighth City series, this book delivers a cadre of new characters and marks the beginning of Sebastian’s time in the Below. In the swirling mix of events Pan can’t help but wonder what happened to the well-dressed man and if he had anything to do with what happened….

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  1. I’m very eagerly awaiting the next part of the series! Woohoo!

    • Thanks! We’re so excited to publish it. Shoot us an email at We’d like to thank you for your feedback on A Torch in the Darkness and your continued support with a free coupon for this installment!

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